Bike Budapest 2015


Forgive me for posting this a bit late (#sewingeverygoddamnday) but Bike Budapest was on Saturday and it was totally amazing! There’s nothing like biking across the Chain Bridge with no cars on the road! Mark and I joined the bikers a couple of blocks into the race, at the Balna. As you can see from the photo below, the start was rather crowded…


It was an absolutely beautiful day to bike! The highlight of the ride was riding through the Buda tunnel and onto the Chain Bridge. Everyone was ringing their little bike bells in the tunnel :)

I wore the Pamut Crop top, available on our website. Perfect for a workout!


The most well known part about Bike Budapest (formerly Critical Mass) is at the very end, where everyone lifts their bikes up in the air at Margaret Island. I really wanted to be part of this BUT:

1. We arrived at the end point 1 1/2 hours before the bike lift

2. My bike is a vintage Austrian road bike and is definitely not made out of aluminum. So there is no freaking way I’d be able to lift the thing up in the air.


So Mark and I left early and drank a beer on our balcony instead. But here is a photo of the bike lift for your enjoyment.


Photo courtesy of Kerekparos Klub


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