I’d been skiing a grand total of four days before taking off on a grand SKIcation to Italy with a few friends last week. I felt relatively confident (despite my lack of ability to stop on a downhill) that I would be on the same level as the rest of the group. Sadly no…

Here’s me and Marky on our first ride up the lift on day one. Note my expression of wild confidence. I did not look that way after two minutes of barreling down blue slope #1.


Can I please pause to say THANK GOD FOR ITALIAN EGGNOG! Specifically a wonderful concoction called an Alza Valvole which includes shots of coffee, whiskey, and a generous mountain of whipped cream. That shit got me through the week.


I highly recommend skiing in the Italian Alps, not only because its the FREAKIN ALPS (never guessed I’d be hanging out there), but because its normally extremely sunny and cloudless, and you get the most beautiful views from the top of the slopes. Here’s a nice pano from the top of Madonna (oh yes, thank you Italians and your Catholic mountain names). Skiing down this slope was one of the highlights of the trip for me.


Had such a great time in Marilleva, Italy, and am now able to say that I am at a beginner/intermediate level skier instead of just a beginner! But definitely buying a women’s ski jacket next time instead of using a baggy Halloween colored hand-me-down from my boyfriends younger brother. I am a fashion designer after all dahling. Gotta look the part!


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