In Defense of Pink


Everyone knows that pink has a major stigma. I mean, all I have to do is say THINK PINK, and images like baby clothes, plastic lunch boxes, Weird Al in a tacky t-shirt, and My Little Pony come to mind, with a background soundtrack of high-pitched screaming. I mean, in a way, pink really gets to me as a feminist. Why is it a girl color? Why was I dressed head to toe in the hue by my mom? I had no say! It’s not fair. Why couldn’t I have been one of those cool babies dressed in an understated screenprinted onesie? Part of me still has a mental block up against the color. But another part of me pins pink stuff nonstop on Pinterest. Not bright, smack you in the face fuschia but soft, dusty pink. Or an interesting kind of pepto bismol pink.

I say, let’s try to think of pink in a new way. I love the below photos… They make pink look kinda sexy and mysterious again.








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