Crazy Day / Fashion of Budapest

Are any of you Budapesters as fascinated by BP fashion as I am??! I swear, every day I see something totally wild or weird or awesome or scary. Like today, as soon as I walked out of the door, I walked by a woman wearing a bright teal see-through dress (no bra…sometimes ordinary/normal here) and a SUPER thick neck and slightly frightening face. Sometimes I really want to take pictures of these people but, because I’m not confident in my Hungarian (maybe my attempt to say, “Can I photograph you for my blog” will end up being “Blog at maybe I photo you?”) and I’m really nervous about getting shot down. So I’ve decided to start drawing the wonderful things I see from memory. Illustration below, called “Lady with a Thick Neck”.


So after I see this very memorable lady, my boyfriend Mark and I go and have a nice, heavy Hungarian lunch at a place near Rakoczi Square. We then wander into a really amazing Asian grocery store (would highly recommend! Much cheaper and with more of a variety than Aszia Bolt near Fovam). I debated buying some frozen Mochi but then decided against it, as it was broiling outside and I would have ended up with a box of melty goo before making it home. As we walked back out into the heat, we heard the screech of tires as a crazy looking guy in a rusty old Skoda braked and reversed, giving him just enough room to zoom off around a corner, narrowly avoiding a metal post. Seconds later, a big white truck with a sizable dent in the back came after the Skoda. The two guys inside, workers of some kind (one shirtless), looked incensed, and one of them yelled what my boyfriend later translated for me as “RUN YOU COCKSUCKER, RUN!”.


Fun times in BP.

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  1. Stefi June 11, 2015 Reply

    You are more than wonderful :)

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