Budapest Date Night #1

The first in a series of random dates with my boyfriend Mark in BP.


If you made a list of all of the date night activities achievable in Budapest and then randomly selected three from the list, you might get close to what my boyfriend and I ended up doing on our date last night. Add in the fact that it was snowing and I was wearing shoes with absolutely no traction, and you’ve got yourself quite a memorable night.

Earlier this week, Mark surprised me by buying tickets to see a concert at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. This was rather unexpected given that neither Mark nor I are the types of people who walk around singing The Sound of Music, or de-stressing to Mozart concerto #21 after a long day. However, I was excited to see my first concert since age 10, which I most definitely did not enjoy (no surprises there).

And GUESS which restaurant is directly across from the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy?! The place where you can get the best value and also the saltiest food in the whole of Budapest??! Yes, Frici Papa, where we stuffed our faces with a bunch of fried things, soup, and potatoes, plus drinks, for about 3,400 HUF. Mr Frici, whoever you are, thank you for your wonderful value food.


After dinner we chugged over to the Academy (this is wear my traction-less shoes come in). Let’s just say cobblestones and snow DO NOT make for confident walking. I drank a quick cappuccino to calm the nagging fear that I’d pass out from possible boredom and extreme fullness. We took our seats right before the orchestra walked onstage, and I was able to take a few seconds to gawk at the amazing Art Nouveau inspired interior. Check out these badass Egyptian-looking babes wearing harnesses that would definitely not be appropriate attire for a theater date in real life


So then the orchestra entered, along with this amazing glittering lady who began singing with a voice rivaling Sarah Brightman. We listened to a short Wagner piece, then there was a quick intermission, and then onto Liszt. At this point, I was very thankful for the cappuccino because we were nearing my 9:30 bedtime. But I have to say, the highlight of the concert was the last few minutes, when 20 male singers came onstage and sang in intense German to the finale of the piece. It was so dramatic that I felt like I was hangin’ out with Frodo on the slopes of Mount Doom. So overall, I totally recommend going to a concert at the Academy.

After the concert, Mark and I grabbed a bottle of Bock wine and headed back to our flat, where we changed into jammies and watched Friends, the episode where Joey drinks the fat (thank you Netflix!). I would view this date night as a huge success, and give it a rating of 8 out of 10 (Lost a couple points for the extreme thirst I felt after consuming three times the daily recommended amount of salt). Thanks Mark for buying those tickets!


“Yep, it’s fat! I drank fat!”


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