Four DIYs To Try


Here are some fantastic DIY’s I’ve gathered together for your experimentation and enjoyment!

Tic Tac Toe From Your Old Jeans

I love this great idea from Quilt Magazine. All you need is a couple pairs of old jeans (one dark, one light) and some small beans (lentils will do) to stuff the beanbags. This one requires more in-depth sewing, so don’t attempt unless you have some experience!

Photo courtesy of The Wildcards Blog


Easy Origami Bags

These two-seam bags are so simple! Just follow the pattern from, using a sturdy fabric, to create a great tote bag in minutes.  Click Here for Instructions!


Custom Bubble Prints

This DIY from Simple Little Home is a great one for kids and adults. Create your own bubble prints to hang in your bathroom or kid’s room. All you need is dish soap, a straw, a shallow pan, some sturdy paper, and water soluble paint. Click here for instructions!


Leather Tassels

These little guys are perfect for sprucing up an old bag, or as a keychain fob. Recycle leather from an old bag or jacket, or find small pieces at a craft store. Materials required: leather or vinyl, craft glue, and scissors. Detailed photo instructions by Miss Renaissance: Click here!



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